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Hope that Grows with Tomorrow's Hope Executive Director, Ismini Scouras

Welcome to the first edition of Tomorrow’s Hope: TODAY, an e-newsletter designed to keep you informed on how your support of Tomorrow’s Hope Foundation impacts the children who receive the gift of a Catholic education because of your generosity. With your steadfast commitment to our mission, we can continue to provide thousands of students with the critical funding they require to attend Catholic school on Long Island, and we are grateful! It’s an exciting time at Tomorrow’s Hope and in Long Island’s Catholic elementary school community where student enrollment is on the rise for the first time in more than two decades.

I was recently hired as the Executive Director of Tomorrow’s Hope Foundation to advance a philanthropic growth plan that would increase fundraising revenue so we can provide tuition assistance to even more elementary school students and give them the high-quality Catholic education they deserve.

I truly believe that God placed me at Tomorrow’s Hope to respond to the growing population of underserved families on Long Island who want to provide their children with a Catholic education but cannot afford it. With the heart of a mother, I will carry out the mission of Tomorrow’s Hope to ensure that no child is turned away from receiving the high-quality faith-based education because of their family’s inability to pay tuition.

For many of these underserved families, a Catholic school education is their best opportunity to change the trajectory of their children’s lives, pulling them out of hardship, and raising them into adults who are of strong character, faith, and integrity. With your contribution, and the generosity of others like you, Tomorrow’s Hope has been able to assist more than 20,000 students since 2005. I ask that you continue to assist us in this important mission and join me as I lead Tomorrow’s Hope in turning dreams into reality for thousands of more children for generations to come.

Thank you!

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