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STAR Spotlight

Melissa is a single mother of four children, three of whom attend St. Mary’s School in East Islip. Her oldest is in high school now, after graduating from St. Mary’s three years ago. When Melissa’s marriage unexpectedly failed, Tomorrow’s Hope Foundation helped keep some level of consistency in her children’s lives by providing tuition assistance for each of her grade school children. “My children are thriving at St. Mary’s, and the values and morals that they have obtained from going to Catholic school cannot be matched!” says Melissa. “The teachers teach and reinforce family values, as well as the beliefs of the Catholic Church, which is so important to me, especially given that I struggle now with the ‘incomplete’ family unit at home.”

Sebastian, an 8th grader, has made lifelong friends from when he first entered St. Mary’s, and actively participates in the school’s basketball and flag football teams. Annabelle and Gabriel, both in 4th grade, were involved in performing arts, the STEAM program, and chorus among others. All three children have been sponsored by STAR donors, receiving more than $21,000 in scholarship aid over the last three years. “I am beyond grateful that Tomorrow’s Hope gave me the opportunity to keep them in a Catholic school environment! I don’t know how my children would have turned out if I had to uproot them and switch them to public school, because that may have caused even more trauma than they already experienced.”

Why support a STAR Student?

June & Larry Keller, Shooting STAR Level STAR donors, emphasize how crucial a Catholic education is, especially in an increasingly challenging world. "The world is a really tough place and getting harder every day for children. I truly believe sending children to Catholic school is that much more important because they need God in their lives everyday and to know that He is there for them.  I know that my children are different people because they know that they have God on their side and it was completely reinforced from them because they attended Catholic school."

In 2023, 42% of all awarded students qualified for the Student Tuition Assistance (STAR) Program -- a scholarship of $3,000 or more. A STAR donor gets to see firsthand how their generous contribution aids in allowing their STAR student to thrive in a Catholic elementary school.

Please make a gift to our upcoming STARS for Students Gala to make a positive impact on students like Sebastian, Annabelle, & Gabriel by clicking here!

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