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MEET SARAH & ELIZABETH, Student Spotlight

Alexandra is the mother of Sarah and Elizabeth, who are students at Our Lady of Peace School (OLOP) in Lynbrook, where she is actively involved. This fall, Alexandra plans to return to school herself in the hopes of earning a degree to become a Physician Assistant. In addition, she will also start a full-time job while continuing lunch duty and volunteering responsibilities at OLOP. Sarah and Elizabeth, 5th grader and 3rd grader respectively, have been receiving tuition assistance from Tomorrow's Hope Foundation for over four years and Alexandra could not be prouder of her daughters' progress at their Catholic elementary school:

"I can't imagine not being able to continue my children's education outside of Catholic school and Our Lady of Peace, specifically. They have blossomed and are becoming upstanding young ladies with good morals and decision-making skills based in the Catholic faith, something I truly believe they wouldn't have if uprooted and moved into public school. The old saying, 'You are who you hang out with,' is true in life as well as at school and work, and I believe that being surrounded by students, adults, and teachers who share ideas, experience life, and teach intertwined with the Catholic faith cultivates a morally upstanding, strong-minded and intelligent individual. Without Tomorrow's Hope Foundation, we wouldn't be able to keep our children in Catholic school. Our girls are doing extremely well academically and spiritually, and I believe because of this very important foundation they will continue their growth in school and their faith into adulthood.

I can't thank you enough! I was getting so worried about the girls going to school and I didn't know what we were going to do. I am in tears right now because of how relieved and happy I am. Tomorrow's Hope has changed our family's lives by allowing our girls to continue their Catholic education! I know positively that this is why they are such amazing young people, and they will continue to grow in their grace and love for God and the Catholic church and spread that positivity beyond themselves. I am forever grateful! God bless all of you!"

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