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MEET JORDAN, Student Spotlight

Jo-Ellen relied financially on her mother and father to help with Catholic elementary school tuition for her daughter, Jordan. When Jordan's grandmother passed in late 2022 and her grandfather transitioned to assisted living, Jo-Ellen was unsure how she would be able to afford tuition for the 2023-2024 academic year. Jo-Ellen and her husband applied for a scholarship from Tomorrow's Hope. Jo-Ellen wanted nothing more than to have her daughter continue her schooling at St. Brigid/Our Lady of Hope Regional School in Westbury, where her husband David graduated in 1988. "It was always our greatest wish for our child to have a Catholic experience guided by faith and God," said Jo-Ellen.

Jordan, a 7th-grader at St. Brigid's, was selected to be part of the St. Thomas Aquinas Scholars Program, is a member of the Youth Choir and was a chosen soloist to perform at Holy Thursday Mass and their Passion Play. Jordan also participates in the Drama Club and takes piano and violin lessons. "These experiences have all been possible as a result of the enriching and nurturing Jordan has been a student of St. Brigid's for the past nine years," Jo-Ellen said.  "Thank you sincerely for awarding our family a scholarship so Jordan may continue her Catholic school education. We are eternally grateful!"

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