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MEET AVA, Student Spotlight

Theresa is now the guardian of her granddaughter, Ava, who lived in the foster care system after her mother passed away. After the grief and loss Ava has endured, Theresa feels that developing a strong faith in a Catholic school environment will help her overcome any potential challenges from her circumstances. "She's had such a chaotic life and it's going to take a little time," says Theresa who, like her husband, is retired and on a fixed income.

With the help of Tomorrow's Hope and Theresa's love for her granddaughter, Ava is now a 4th-grade student attending St. Mary School in East Islip. She is surrounded by supportive teachers and classmates. Ava is thriving and has joined the choir, sings hymns in the car, and enjoys going to Mass. "I am very grateful that she has the opportunity to attend Catholic school," says Theresa.

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