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A message from Chairman Lewis S. Ranieri

Dear Friend of Tomorrow's Hope, If you walk through the hallways in any of Long Island’s 35 Catholic elementary schools, you will find students who are engaged, happy, and thriving. In a safe and supportive setting, our students receive an excellent education that gives them the moral compass they need to navigate through life’s difficulties. The faculty and staff are the heart and soul of our Catholic schools, nurturing students during a time when they are facing all kinds of challenges due to global health issues, financial burdens, and social, emotional, and physical stress. Having faced many similar struggles as our children are encountering today, I know firsthand that the Catholic elementary education I received gave me the fortitude and confidence to rise above the hardships I came across along the way towards success in my adult years. That’s why I started Tomorrow’s Hope in 2005. I chose to become guardian to thousands of children across Long Island who needed assistance to obtain a Catholic elementary education. Over the years, your support and generosity have enabled Tomorrow’s Hope to give more than $27 million in scholarship awards to nearly 22,000 children. What’s more, nearly 1,100 students will receive $2.5 million in scholarship aid in this current school year alone – the largest annual amount to date thanks to you! But I still need your help… The poverty rate on Long Island is the highest it has been in 50 years. Many of our underserved families fall into this category and their struggle is compounded by the current inflation rate and the sharp increase in the cost of living on Long Island. In addition, the average school tuition rose by 11% this year. Even with these tremendous expenses, these families remain committed to sending their children to Catholic school in the hope of lifting them out of the perpetual cycle of hardship. On their own, they cannot afford to do this. That is why Tomorrow’s Hope Foundation is vital to the future success of their children. At Tomorrow’s Hope, we remain dedicated to our Catholic school students and their families thanks to you, our dedicated donors. Everything we do is for the benefit of today’s children and tomorrow’s leaders. As we continue to invest in the future of our children by awarding need-based scholarships, I ask you to join us and support Tomorrow’s Hope by making a year-end gift to our Annual Fund by visiting The hearts of the families we serve are continually grateful for yours. We treasure your partnership and your commitment to enriching these young lives. My heartfelt thanks to you. May this season fill you with faith, renewed hope and good health that will last you a lifetime. Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Warm regards,

Lewis S. Ranieri Chairman of the Board

PS: Despite the challenging times our church is enduring, we can’t forget our Catholic school students and schools.

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