A Message From Lewis S. Ranieri, Chairman

"When the Most Reverend William Murphy asked me to Chair the Tomorrow’s Hope Foundation, I didn’t hesitate to say yes. Although what little available time I had was already stretched, the opportunity to champion Catholic School education was just too important to ignore."

Lewis S Ranieri, Tomorrow's Hope Foundation

I was honored that Bishop Murphy had entrusted me to cast a net in search of individuals that would be dedicated to our mission to ensure the academic excellence and continuance of Catholic School education on Long Island. To my joyful amazement, volunteers were jumping into the boat on their own! Never had I been part of a volunteer effort where people were so enthusiastically proactive about offering their time and talents. Evidently I wasn’t the only one who had been profoundly affected by their Catholic School education!

A Catholic School education is an essential ingredient to one’s spiritual maturity. It serves to provide the religious foundation and moral framework that becomes the basis upon which all of life’s decisions are made. In the business community, I have often come face to face with moral dilemmas. These tests of character and self-discipline are an inescapable part of business and – if failed – can lead to ruin. I firmly believe that my Catholic family upbringing and Catholic School education instilled in me the integrity and moral grounding to pass the tests I’ve faced through the years, even long after graduation. I am forever grateful to have received a high-quality education superbly enhanced by the religious traditions of the Roman Catholic Church. I consider it both a duty and a privilege to see that Catholic education continues to serve future generations.

Lewis S. Ranieri