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Overview of Catholic Elementary Schools in the Diocese of Rockville Centre

“We are convinced that Catholic schools continue to be ‘the most effective means available to the Church for the education of children and young people’ who are the future of our Church” (To Teach as Jesus Did, no. 118).

Within the Diocese of Rockville Centre, which comprises Nassau and Suffolk counties), over twenty-two thousand elementary school students are being educated in fifty-eight Catholic elementary schools.

The Catholic elementary schools in the Diocese follow the New York State Learning Standards and Curriculum guidelines.

Students in Catholic schools in the Diocese of Rockville Centre meet and exceed the state standards in English Language Arts and Mathematics at a higher percentage than do students across New York State. Schools in the Diocese participate in standardized testing in order to monitor student progress and to provide data for curricular and instructional planning.

  • Students in grades 2-7 take the nationally-normed Iowa Test of Basic Skills and perform above the national average at every grade level.
  • Students in grades 4 and 8 participate in the New York State Education Department testing in Mathematics, English Language Arts, Science, and Social Studies (grades 5 and 8).

The evidence of learning from standardized testing, teacher-made assessments, and classroom observations is used to develop instructional programs that will provide students with skills and knowledge for the 21st Century.

In January 2005 a new Diocesan Elementary School Commission was formed by Bishop William Murphy to strengthen Catholic elementary schools in the Diocese and to ensure the future of Catholic elementary school education on Long Island. Joseph E. Geoghan chairs the 15 member body which meets as a group on a monthly basis. The Commission is comprised of clergy, consecrated women religious, and the laity who are Catholic school educators, parents and professionals from finance, development, marketing, law, public policy and faith formation. Currently the Commission has four active committees – Catholic Identity/Programs, Marketing, Intervention/Finance and Development.

The Education Commission and Tomorrow’s Hope Foundation work closely with Bishop Murphy in ensuring that “the great gift of Catholic education” remains viable for future generations.

Visit your local Catholic elementary school and see the good work being done with and for the young people in the Diocese of Rockville Centre.

In addition to the Catholic elementary schools there are two parish high schools, three diocesan high schools, and six independent Catholic high schools serving over twelve thousand young men and women in Catholic high school.