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By partnering with Tomorrow’s Hope Foundation, you can help prepare today’s young people to be tomorrow’s hope.

Adopt-a-School Program

The Adopt-a-School program affords the unique opportunity for local businesses and corporations to directly support one of the 48 Catholic Elementary Schools on Long Island. With funding from these local establishments, Tomorrow’s Hope provides scholarships and equipment/technology enhancements to the selected sponsored school. The Adopt-a-School program also provides opportunity for sponsors to mentor students and help shape them into future leaders of the local community.

Recognition Levels – Three Year Partnerships

Superintendent’s Council – $100,000 over three years

Principal’s Council – $50,000 over three years

 Student’s Council – $25,000 over three years

Faculty’s Council (Small Business Parnerships) – $10,000 over three years


For more information, please call 516-745-7639.


Proud Adopt-A-School Sponsors: